The power of sports and the complexity of the industry involved brings a moral obligation to the future leaders in sports. How do you manage a sports organization or high performance sports team in a credible, transparent and sustainable way? And what is the (leading) role of institutions like the IOC and FIFA for future change in both sports and society?

Nyenrode Sports Inc.: IMBA and MSc Elective in Sports Leadership.

This new and unique inter-degree elective provides an introduction in the fast emerging world of sports management and leadership. We will use an holistic approach to analyze the so called “sports ecosystem” and the indispensable underlying values of integrity, credibility and sustainability. For the data of the elective, please scroll down.

Koledo Carlo Cesar

For whom?

For current Nyenrode IMBA and MSc students.

This new Nyenrode elective program is especially designed for current Nyenrode IMBA and MSc students who are extremely intrigued by sports.

Enrollment for the elective is closed.

A selection of the content:

  • Identifying the DNA profile of your sports organizations:

    What is the typical (load) profile of a specific sports team, club or organization and how does it affect the strategy execution for sports managers?

  • Introduction to the sports ecosystem:

    Investigating the (co)relationship between sports players, teams and coaches with all stakeholders involved: federations (e.g. IOC and FIFA), sponsors, clubs, governments and legal bodies (CAS), supporters, private equity and the environment. Furthermore the governance and legal structures of these bodies will be examined.

  • Sports and sustainability:

    There is a direct need to create a more sustainable sports environment: the re-use of sports accommodations, organizing SMART Olympics and the importance of a sustainable Olympic legacy.

  • Visit headquarters of AFC Ajax and Nike EMEA:

    The class will visit sports organizations, like e.g. the headquarters of Nike and AFC Ajax, negotiate football contracts and analyses scouting models. Furthermore participants will exercise sports themselves in order to experience how elite athletes are exposed to extreme training programs.

The Line-up

A carefully selected group of highly experienced lecturers with a scientific or/and practical background, forms an inspirational team to guide and instruct you during the elective.

Paul van Ass

Netherlands, India

Former National Coach Men’s Field Hockey

Houdijn Beekhuis

Nyenrode Sports Inc.


Bartel Berkhout

Nyenrode Sports Inc.

Founder & Director

Thijs Otto van Es

House of Performance

Managing Partner & Owner

Steven de Jongh

Team Tinkoff-Saxo

Sports Director

Mark de Klerk


Sports Marketing Director – Nike Central & Eastern Europe

Ernst Ligthart

AFC Ajax

Supervisory Board Member

Cecile van Oppen



Thomas Tichelman


Performance Manager


August 3-12, 2017

How to enroll

Enrollment for the elective is closed.