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For more than 65 years Nyenrode has partnered many different types of businesses and organizations in education and development. Our professors do not only have academic knowledge but also have extensive practical experience in the business world. Our worldwide network of experts in the business community also ensures that we can offer our participants the most up-to-date, relevant and practical tools and frameworks which can be put into practice immediately.

University of Oregon
”I’m confident that Nyenrode is the perfect place for this development to take place. As a nimble, entrepreneurial, private institution I think it has the wherewithal to succeed in this area and to make important contributions to the professionalization of sports management in the Netherlands and beyond.”
Sporthochschule Koln Momentum
“The German Sports University is the largest sports university in Europe. It is acknowledged internationally for its research and has also been part of the international fight against doping.
The research center for Performance Sport has brought together the combined efforts of multiple departments to coach and supervise elite athletes. Research is carried out to investigate functional, mechanical, metabolic and mental stimuli for a better performance.”
Dr. Eva Engelmeyer, Deutsche Sporthochschule
”Supporting Nyenrode Sports Inc. makes a lot of sense to us whereas it means working and connecting with leaders of the future. Excelling in sport and vitality will be a key differentiator in tomorrow’s business. Nyenrode offers the best conditions to educate leaders on the highest level and to create long lasting sustainable business relations. Nyenrode Sports Inc. has been able to combine the foundation of Nyenrode with the masters in sports. Therefore we feel that this program is very promising, and will lead to great achievements of which we definitely want to be part of.”
Bas Rookhuijzen, Industry Manager Google
Team Giant Alpecin
”The world of high performance sports evolves around competitiveness probably more than many other sectors. The continuous development of your organization and your people are a prerequisite to ensure continuity. A high level of professionalism on your sports organization guarantees your ability to fully support your sportsmen, both individually and as a team. This allows for continuous improvement, which ensures the competiveness of your team. Professionals involved in high performance sports are eager to improve in every tiny detail. This results in such high competiveness that as soon as you take your status in sports for granted, the competition will aim ahead of you. The competition never stops innovating and improving. Never. The world of high performance sports is a continuous challenge for nonstop improvement. High performance sports are the only sports with no finish line! The development of your talent and the use of right methods can ensure the necessary improvements of the sportsmen and the team. This leads to the necessary continuous competiveness and ensures the continuity of you sports organization. Keep challenging”
Baker & McKenzie
“Together with a team of specialists, I look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise in the fields of compliance, tax regulations and enforcement – subjects that are receiving more and more attention within the sports sector – via the Sports Leadership Program. As is the case in the corporate sector, it is also about taking the right decision at the right time in a professional sports environment. One of the objectives of the program is to provide assistance to (future) professional sports leaders so that they can perform at the highest level. We are happy to be able to contribute to this.”
”Successful leaders know that great careers are built with good ideas, the right mentality and a lot of stamina. For managers and coaches of sports organizations, this is true on many levels! With a long history in educating future leaders, Nyenrode Sports Inc. leverages valuable business knowledge with the specifics of leading a sports organization. In other words: Nyenrode Sports Inc. is standing on the shoulders of giants. At CGI, we firmly believe that sports is of the essence for healthy business, and vice versa. That is why we are proud to be supporter of Nyenrode Sports Inc!”

Nyenrode Sports Inc. enjoys working together with partners in the sports business by building sustainable, valuable and constructive relationships. We take the time to get to know you and your organization and support the world of sports together.
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