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Nederlands Opleidings Instituut voor het Buitenland

The leaders of a number of prominent Dutch companies founded the NOIB (Nederlands Opleidings Instituut voor het Buitenland) in 1946. The thirty-two founders consisted of leading companies such as KLM, Shell, Philips, Unilever and Akzo. Their primary goal was to re-build the Dutch economy after the war and to educate the next generation of business leaders so that they would have a pro-active attitude and an international focus.

Sports at Nyenrode

When Nyenrode was founded in 1946, at least 15 different sports were part of the curriculum. The founders of the NOIB believed that sports are an essential ingredient for success in business. They believed, for example, that:

  • Sports create a healthy competitive environment
  • A lot of deals are made on the sports field or at sports events
  • Sports prepare students, both mentally and physically, for the difficulties managers encounter during their working lives
  • Sports are crucial for the development of a good team spirit, increases self-awareness and boosts self-confidence.
With the establishment of Nyenrode Sports Inc., sport reappeared in the programs offered at Nyenrode. In September 2015 the the Sports Leadership Program was launched. More background on the founding itself can be read in this interview with founder and director Bartel Berkhout of Nyenrode Sports Inc.

Nyenrode campus

Nyenrode Campus on landgoed Nijenrode

Nyenrode Campus

The Nyenrode estate, with its historic castle and coach house, is only 25 minutes from Amsterdam and lies between the River Vecht and the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal.The estate covers and area of 50 hectares and has modern, multi-functional buildings with a variety of classrooms, equipped with modern presentation and communication facilities.

The estate is designed in the English style and has a deer enclosure, tennis courts, a rugby field, a soccer pitch, a sports hall, fitness facilities and walking and jogging routes through the woods. The woods provide a shady, spacious environment dotted with coppices, ponds and streams, which contribute to making your stay on the estate a unique experience.