The Nyenrode Experience

Nyenrode Business University was founded by the business community for the business community. The practical relevance of academic knowledge is therefore at the heart of the programs available at Nyenrode. Apart from being in a unique learning environment, students and participants are given individual attention while following a program. Nyenrode’s goal is not just the transfer of knowledge and the development of the individual on an intellectual and personal level. In our programs attention is also paid to character and attitude development as well as skills development. This integrated approach can be summarized in the three values Nyenrode stands for: Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Stewardship (LES).
Nyenrode’s slogan is ‘A reward for life’, which refers to the importance of developing leaders and professionals parallel with their academic education. Nyenrode is a safe place, where respect for different backgrounds and opinions is fostered. Nyenrode has trained many professionals for top positions both at home and abroad. Many of these professionals appreciate the value of contributing to the further development of the Nyenrode community by giving lectures, being a mentor or by providing financial resources. The strong alumni network plays a crucial role in this.
The Nyenrode Experience is also evident in the programs provided by Nyenrode Sports Inc. For example, it can be seen in the way in which the curriculum is composed, and in the interaction between participants during the program modules both in and out of class hours. Nyenrode is also building an alumni network of sports directors and coaches who can contact each other at regular intervals and revisit Nyenrode at homecomings.

Return on Education

Being successful and getting the best result is what top sport is all about. Participants in the Nyenrode programs are ambitious and focused, so that they can get the best out of the program they are following. Since its foundation in 1946 Nyenrode has focused on being effective by making academic knowledge immediately applicable in practice. We believe that investing in education should have lasting value. This is what we call Return on Education and refers to the results that are achieved in terms of personal growth and added value for the sports organization the participant is working for.


Nyenrode’s aim is to offer high quality programs, which is borne out by its inclusion in Dutch and international ratings. All our Master’s programs have been rated by the Keuzegids Masters (2014) as the best Master’s programs in the Netherlands. The Financial Times (2014) has also rated our executive programs as the best executive programs in the Netherlands.
Nyenrode Business Universiteit offers a range of programs which have proved to be of high quality. Nyenrode is accredited by EQUIS/EFMD, the most prominent accreditation organization for business education in the whole world. Our study programs are accredited by various organizations such as the Nederlands Vlaams Accreditatie Orgaan (NVAO), the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and the Commissie Eindtermen Accountantsopleiding (CEA).

 International Orientation

Nyenrode alumni live in no less than 100 countries and students come from all over the world. Nyenrode still has the same international aspirations as our founders had in 1946. It is Nyenrode Sports Inc.’s goal to educate and train internationally active sports coaches and sports directors, wherever they are in the world. We have are especially affiliated to the University of Oregon, which is an authority in the area of sports marketing. Students on Nyenrode Sports Inc. programs will spend some time at the University of Oregon and will carry out practical assignments at important competitions both in and outside the U.S.A.

Blended learning for sports professionals

Nyenrode Sports Inc. has been developed by and for sports people. We understand the dynamics in which sports professionals work. We have therefore created a flexible learning environment in which we use state-of-the-art audio-visual and online technology to translate the knowledge gained in the classroom into real tasks. This type of blended learning goes beyond the conventional definition of online education.
Nyenrode Sports Inc. provides a variety of ways in which individuals and organizations can learn and get in touch with each other anywhere in the world using smartphones, tablets, virtual classrooms, podcasts and our own portal – whether you are working on your computer at home, or talking on our web portal or watching a lecture on your smartphone while you are on your way to your next match or training venue abroad.